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Shipping agency

The INTER BALT Shipping Agency Team provide a shipbroking service for all ships in Polish sea ports and shipyards. Under agency agreements, the Team represents shipowners in Polish sea ports. The Company works as a ship’s agent, at the cost and on behalf of the shipowner, exercising rights and performing obligations related to the ship calling at a Polish sea port or shipyard.

In accordance with the Maritime Code and the applicable rules, the Company is authorized to act on behalf of and for the shipowner:

  • in contacts with the authorities and entities which manage seaports,
  • when requesting services associated with the arrival, stay and departure of the ship,
  • in entering into contracts of carriage, marine insurance, and handling and storage,
  • in issuing bills of lading,
  • in collecting and paying all amounts due in connection with the ship calling at the port and transporting cargo or passengers.

The Company is also authorised to seek, on behalf of the shipowner, claims arising from contracts of carriage and maritime accidents.

During the many years we have been active, we have provided shipping services to thousands of ships with tonnages from 1000 DWT to over 100 000 DWT, in sea ports and shipyards in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście.

Our agency services include services for ships repaired in shipyards and ships which carry, among other things: coal, coke, aggregates, special (oversized) cargo, biomass, scrap metal, general cargo and liquid cargo.